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61st Republic day

Happy Republic day India,
I was reviewing , what is Republic?
“A republic is a country where power is held by the people or the representatives that they elect. Republics have presidents who are elected, rather than kings or queens. ”

Saw a word Banana Republic that means :
“Small, poor countries that are politically unstable are sometimes referred to as banana republics. ”

Are we republic or banana republic?
Of course one can instantly say we are not a banana republic.
But it will definitely be.Let see some factors :

>>principle factor of Indian economy is still Agriculture. What is condition of agriculture, how much percentages of Indian youth see secured future in agriculture?

>> What is condition of Government? Lets not talk about dirty politics. Telangana issue being over 2 months and still no solution.Formers are still committing suicide in that state whose people are only worried about just a city –mumbai.

>> Endless time span of completion of bridges and roads (I am not talking about Delhi & mumbai bridges).

>>Pollution of rivers that makes us to survive even Ganga river.

>>What is condition of Govt. school specially primary schools?

>>Are govt. office do work on time without any reference? Even If we want to to issue out PAN card , we contact to agent give him rs. 150-200 to do this. Where as fee is rs 70.

Ok , No more crying. परिस्थितिया इतनी भी बुरी नहीं है 🙂

Let’s review 60 years …

36 crores population in 1950 goes upto 116 crores today & still food independent country , not bad.

Rs. 500 PPI(Per Person Income) in 1950 to Rs. 37,500 PPI today still not bad.

16% literacy in 1950 to 68% today, also not bad.

In that days we didn’t have technology to make needle and today launching rocket, Chandrayan , 6th country to have nuclear power.

In few years going to be 3rd most powerful economy of the world.

Now we are comparing India with America, which got independence 200 years ago.

When Rajiv Gandhi want to introduced computers in India in mid 80’s , he faced opposition to it and now India is a giant in this field .
Now, these factors makes you proud .
I am not a think-tank but, To make India developed till 2020 and to make most powerful economy India should plan at least basic factors like

>> As I said principle economic factor Agriculture, should be developed as an industry so that youth can see future in it.

>> Basic need like fresh water, roads and valued education should be provided not just formality

and last
We can vote to right person, no one wants to be politician, but please vote, at least “अंधे में काने राजा को तोचुनो “।

So that we can rescue this Republic from being a Banana Republic.

Jai Hind.

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Nicely quoted but still the most important fact is untouched.We complain but we do not act and we hope that others will act in our place.A change will come when we will bring a change in ourselves.

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