Dear Recruiters, Please! Stop Asking Hard Copy of Resume

Please don't print this email

I am sure most of us have seen this little signature in official e-mails, mostly from HR department since they send mail bulk to all employees.

But the same HR department call a candidate for interview. They ask for hard copy of resume (some of them ask for two copy of resume also the email print as a proof) . But guys do you ever think how much paper get wasted in these interview. You call for thousands for candidates and select 10-15 candidates. This is statistics of hiring process that only 1-4% of candidates get selected from called for the interview. Thanks to experienced guys who have 6-7 pages of resume with one side printed only. So what happen to resumes after interviews, they just go into dust bin.

In today’s world almost every organization uses computers (laptops) and  review the soft-copy of resume first.In some organizations interviewer prints their own copy of resume to take interview and after that they throw it away in dustbin.

Think about a large organization, who interview more than 50,000 of candidates a year. That would be 200,000 paper will be wasted assuming (3 pages of resume and 1 page of interview call later). Can’t it be possible to take interview with your laptop and take interview from soft-copy of resume and save some trees. Probably one day you will get some fruit from that tree.

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