HAMPI – A history of Marvellous Engineering and Civilization

The toponym Hampi – Pampa-Kshetra is name of goddess Parvati (Pampa). The sanskrit word ‘Pampa‘ is morphed into Kannada as Hampa which later known as Hampi, as we know the the place.

A city which contains the history from Mauryan Empire to Chalukya Kingdom and then Hoysala Empire by 12th to 14th century. According to inscriptions , Hoysala Dynasty which gifted land for Shri Virupaksha Temple.

The place where Shiva married to goddess Pampa (Parvati). One of oldest functioning temple and religious place

After fall of Hoysala Empire from invasion of  Alauddin Khilji in early 14th century and again in 1326 CE by  Muhammad bin Tughlaq.

The city rises from ashes in Vijyanagara Empire. By 1500CE Hampi-Vijaynagara become second largest city of world’s second-largest medieval-era city after Beijing. Which later ruled by notable kind Krishnadev Ray (1509-1530) . The kingdom was enriched with public infrastructure, religious and agriculture. As UNESCO sates –

“forts, riverside features, royal and sacred complexes, temples, shrines, pillared halls, mandapas (halls for people to sit), memorial structures, gateways, check posts, stables, water structures, and more”.

We still able to see how the city was so organised with market places, religious and public grounds.

Hemkuta Hills group of temples

Pushkarni – Sacred water tank

Sacred water tank with step well design. Precisely cut stone bricks of well. There is water channel to to bring water from remote places. See the

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‘What is REAL?’ asked the Rabbit

‘What is REAL?’ asked the Rabbit one day,
‘Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.’
‘Does it hurt?’ asked the Rabbit.
‘Sometimes,’ said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. ‘When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.’
‘Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,’ he asked, ‘or bit by bit?’
‘It doesn’t happen all at once,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.’
— The Velveteen Rabbit, 1922

Rain, Coffee and a small talk with an Old Man

I was coming back from office and regretting,  why didn’t I bring the available umbrella. It was raining and turning to heavy rain. I tried to take shelter at side of a building for few minute, waiting to stop the rain  but I got drenched in a little bit. When rain got a bit slow I continued and decided to have a coffee at  nearby a cafe/pub  where I never been. Even if it is just other side by of street my apartment.


I directly went to counter and asked –

“Do you have some coffee”

“No, we don’t have variety but I can make a coffee”

I ordered one and started looking on menu. To my surprise I stumble upon “Dal Makhani”. I saw few dishes and I was quite confirmed, it’s run by a  Panjabi  person. But bartender was not looking like Indian.  So l didn’t talked about it and ordered “Samosa” (because, after a long time I saw samosa on any restaurant menu).
I sat on table waiting for my coffee. Just on the other table an old Panjabi man was sitting alone with his beer. After few moment he spoke

Phir se barish ho rahi hai. Pata hi nahi chala is baar Summer hai.”  

Me: “Jee haa. Last do din hi sahi tha, nahi to is week to puri tarah cloudy aur barish hoti rahi

He – “Yaha kaha rahte ho?”

Main  bas yahi pass me hi Postbox apartment me rahta hu aur mera office City Centre tower me hai. Aap bhi yahi aas paas rahate hai?”

“Mera ghar yaha se 7-8 miles door hai. Hum senior citizen ke liya bus service free hai. hospital free hai. Aate jaate rahte hai”

I nodded and thought what he is doing so far from his home. Counter guy placed my  coffee on table.

He:- “Tum India me kaha se ho?”

Me:- “Main Benaras se hu, Uttar Pradesh. Yaha bas official work se aaya hu”  (I wanted to ask obvious question where you from. But what to ask from a man with classic Panjabi look. Of-course he is from Pajab.)

He:- “Banaras to achchhi jagah hai. Waha ke logo ka mind sharp hota hai.”

He continued.

Main bhi jaata rahata hu India, saal me ek do baar. Abhi septamber me jaana hai.

“Aap England kab aaye?”

“Main to bahut pahale hi yaha aa gaya tha. Jab tumhari umar ka tha. Mere uncle to 15 -20 baras pahle hi aa gaye the”

“1960’s or 70’s me aaye honge?”

“Yes, That time. Kaam ke liye yaha aaya tha. Us time to badi garibi thi apne yaha. Yaha factories me kaam mil jaata tha. Jinke baaju me dam tha wo kaam kar lete the. Demand thi yaha. 5-6 pound daily milta tha. metalwork and glass industry in Birmingham

He continued: – “Kaam bhi metal ka tha, daag pad jaate the” (He pointed out a burned mark on his face) aur bhi bade hai haatho me. 15-20 log rahte the ek ghar me aur 2-3 makan ka shared bathroom tha.”

“Jab paise huye to to 500 pound me ek ghar le liya. Father ko nahi bataya. Jab unhe pata chala to bahut sunaya. Kya paise barbad kar diya. Kabootaro ki tarah chhote gharon me rahane ke liye. Yaha India me bade khet lete aur ghar banate.”

He took a sip of beer, a long sigh .

“Khair, Kuchh dino baad, father upar chala gaya. Uncle bhi upar chala gaya. Ab apne Jalandhar me zameen hai aur puraane ghar hai. Saal me ek do baar jaate hai kheto ke rent ke liye.

Pahale gaon me achcha tha, paisa nahi the itne but ek dusare ki help karte the. Ab to tumhara paisa tumhare jeb me aur mera mere jeb me. Mera beta bhi ab mujhe nahi pahchanata. Wo to bas ab mobile me button dabate hai aur baat karte hai.

He stopped, nigher of us spoke about a minute. Then he said:-

“Achchha laga tumse milkar. baat nikal gayi (Placing hand on his heart)

Yaha to bahut se log hai apne yaha ke

Me : “Jee ha, abhi main yaha baisakhi mele me gaya tha last month….” (Tried to lighten up a bit)


“Baisakhi mela”

“Ha, har baras hota hai”

“Haa ji, mini India laga raha tha park me”

He smiled.

Meanwhile, Cafe manager put my “Samosa” packet on table. I finished my coffee and paid on counter and turned back. Cafe manager was sitting with old man.

Old man to manager – “Inse milo ye India se hai, Banaras”

I smiled and shook hands with manager.

Old man to me: “Ye apne yaha ke hi hai, Jalandhar se. Kuchh bhi khaana ho isne bolo banaane ko ye sab bana ke dega.”

I nodded.

Promised to manager to came back sometime for food and said a formal bye and came out of cafe.

Rain was stopped. There were some mixed though going on..

“Meeting with and Old man from my country, listening his story”

“Nice weather after rain, tweet of birds”

“Is this  a pattern. In the end, Somewhere else and  uprooted from our own soil”


Dear Recruiters, Please! Stop Asking Hard Copy of Resume

Please don't print this email

I am sure most of us have seen this little signature in official e-mails, mostly from HR department since they send mail bulk to all employees.

But the same HR department call a candidate for interview. They ask for hard copy of resume (some of them ask for two copy of resume also the email print as a proof) . But guys do you ever think how much paper get wasted in these interview.


Java based Test Driven Development using Selenium 2.0 Webdriver

I have completed thesis on Test Driven Development using Selenium Webdriver for my dissertation at BITS MS (Software Systems).I am attaching thesis in the post.

Document content:
what are the pitfalls of current development process?
How can we overcome by implementing Test Driven Development?

Document doesn’t contain any code. If anyone wants I will try to upload it separately.
I have learned Selenium from

India Share Think

When does India will CHANGE, if still Gangsters find a place in Cabinet Ministry

Just watched Paan Singh Tomar, a original story which was represented Indian situation in 80’s . But still I feel there not much change in these 30-40 years. Recently elected Uttar Pradesh Government which got absolute majority in the elections. On the very first day  , one of Don of UP , got a place in cabinet ministry. Who was just punished by earlier government of UP. Why people give vote to him ? Do people really like to see him in parliament .

Lets get the fact, more than 65% of voters(who vote) in UP are poor. If you give them 5000 bucks to family and you can fix 3-4 vote to your side. Does it look unreal. But its real , this is how another well know Don of UP who was candidate of my district just missed to win and finished on second position.
Can they buy all voter no. At least the person who is reading this is not going to vote these people.

Can there be any solution??
This time record 60% voting done in UP where the hell rest 40% voting not done? People who are working away from home… right!!!
How much percentage of vote a candidate need to win this seat… 50% ,absolutely NO!!!
There are mostly 6-7 candidates  for single seat so merely 25% of total vote needed to win a seat.
So if those 40% working, mostly intellectual people will vote there is  almost none situation for these creepy people will win.

Most simple solution is make voting compulsory. Now, question you are away from home how could you vote. One thing can be done that make each state’s capital as voting hub . Every person away from home in India can able to vote this way. If some is abroad they can vote at India Embassy of that country.
This idea can look unreal but I think this is most simplest way to clean up government and  politics.

India Think

61st Republic day

Happy Republic day India,
I was reviewing , what is Republic?
“A republic is a country where power is held by the people or the representatives that they elect. Republics have presidents who are elected, rather than kings or queens. ”

Saw a word Banana Republic that means :
“Small, poor countries that are politically unstable are sometimes referred to as banana republics. ”

Are we republic or banana republic?
Of course one can instantly say we are not a banana republic.
But it will definitely be.Let see some factors :

>>principle factor of Indian economy is still Agriculture. What is condition of agriculture, how much percentages of Indian youth see secured future in agriculture?

>> What is condition of Government? Lets not talk about dirty politics. Telangana issue being over 2 months and still no solution.Formers are still committing suicide in that state whose people are only worried about just a city –mumbai.

>> Endless time span of completion of bridges and roads (I am not talking about Delhi & mumbai bridges).

>>Pollution of rivers that makes us to survive even Ganga river.

>>What is condition of Govt. school specially primary schools?

>>Are govt. office do work on time without any reference? Even If we want to to issue out PAN card , we contact to agent give him rs. 150-200 to do this. Where as fee is rs 70.

Ok , No more crying. परिस्थितिया इतनी भी बुरी नहीं है 🙂

Let’s review 60 years …

36 crores population in 1950 goes upto 116 crores today & still food independent country , not bad.

Rs. 500 PPI(Per Person Income) in 1950 to Rs. 37,500 PPI today still not bad.

16% literacy in 1950 to 68% today, also not bad.

In that days we didn’t have technology to make needle and today launching rocket, Chandrayan , 6th country to have nuclear power.

In few years going to be 3rd most powerful economy of the world.

Now we are comparing India with America, which got independence 200 years ago.

When Rajiv Gandhi want to introduced computers in India in mid 80’s , he faced opposition to it and now India is a giant in this field .
Now, these factors makes you proud .
I am not a think-tank but, To make India developed till 2020 and to make most powerful economy India should plan at least basic factors like

>> As I said principle economic factor Agriculture, should be developed as an industry so that youth can see future in it.

>> Basic need like fresh water, roads and valued education should be provided not just formality

and last
We can vote to right person, no one wants to be politician, but please vote, at least “अंधे में काने राजा को तोचुनो “।

So that we can rescue this Republic from being a Banana Republic.

Jai Hind.